Periodontics, Laser Therapy and Dental Implants

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​Regardless of what it is that you need taken care of in your mouth, we are capable of handling all of  your periodontal needs in one convenient location. If you are dealing with recession in your mouth, we can perform soft tissue grafting,  For those who are dealing with missing teeth and want a way to enhance their smiles, we offer dental implants in Dallas. We also offer nonsurgical and surgical treatment for periodontal (gum) disease, including minimally invasive treatment with a water-cooled laser especially designed to treat the infected root surface.

When you need a periodontist in Dallas, you want someone who is capable of addressing a number of issues that need correcting in your mouth. If you are suffering from gum disease, we offer both surgical and nonsurgical treatment options. This includes scaling and root planning ( deep cleanings) local antibiotics, and laser therapy( a more minimally invasive approach to treat gum disease). We also offer bacterial testing to help determine if you need any antibiotics to supplement traditional treatment options.  Our hygiene department provides regular and periodontal maintenance cleanings, oral hygiene instructions and dental product education.  

Since we want to ensure your health and safety, we also screen for oral cancer. Another service we provide is that of a soft tissue biopsy to diagnose any unusual tissue changes and determine if there is anything that needs treatment. Do you snore or have you been diagnosed with sleep apnea?  We have conservative, less expensive options that may be available to you to improve these conditions.  Take a moment and give us a call today so we can address your periodontal needs today.

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